My Life Poetry

#116 – Charlie

More than a dog

More than a pet

Charlie is a best friend

The way he wakes up and runs at the world in front of him is beautiful,

So it the way he wakes up and puts his little head back down before he goes about his day.

His whole world is love, food and walks

The most incredible gift into my life

I’m safer with his perimeter checks

When I see Charlie’s happy it makes me smile, I feel good all over

He bonks his head off doors and furniture

He makes noises and grumbles

He gets the zoomies when he sees me

He makes the most heart melting noises when he’s excited

He snores

He burps

He loves a cuddle

He’s at home wherever he is

He wants to be everyone’s friend

He barks at birds and chases cats

He makes my life a brighter place

My little buddy

I love you

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