#130 – Dave Chappelle sits down with Joe Rogan

Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest if not the greatest voice in stand up comedy. He’s a pure genius and he’s been doing stand up his entire life since he was 13 years old. From his stand up specials like Killin em softly, the Chappelle show to his return in 2017 with his new Netflix Specials.

After he left Chappelle show and turned down $50 million, he went to Africa and kind of disappeared from the public at the height of his fame for over a decade.

I could listen to Dave Chappelle speak for hours on end. He’s more than a smart, funny and entertaining guy. He’s becoming if not already a figure of free speech. Dave Chappelle makes me laugh he makes me think and he’s got an otherworldly wisdom to him. His voice sounds like he’s lived a life unlike most people in the history of the world.

His special he released after the George Floyd murder and start of the Black lives matter movement was powerful, poignant and raw.

This podcast felt like a gift when it was uploaded on Friday.

7 thoughts on “#130 – Dave Chappelle sits down with Joe Rogan

    1. Hey man preference is preference you like who you like I’m just a fan of all Chappelle has done over the years.

      You might like Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura too they’re great stand up comedians. Eddie Murphy specials Raw and Delirious are incredible too

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