#129 – They live (1988) film review

Written by: Ray Nelson & John Carpenter

Directed by : John Carpenter

Starring: Roddy Piper, Keith David & Meg Foster.

* The Story *

We follow the one and only ROWDY RODDY PIPER! As a homeless man who uncovers a worldwide invasion and conspiracy against mankind. He’s got sunglasses to show him the truth and he’s ready to get to the bottom of things the only way he knows how, with a gun! This is one horror / action film is out of this world!

I had never seen this film until earlier this week and I cannot believe that I went so long without seeing this truly bizarre and wonderful film.

The whole plot of the films revolves around this “homeless” man as he finds sunglasses that show an invasion and control over mankind. First of all yes the most clean shaven and jacked out of his mind drifter I’ve ever seen. The man looks great!

Put on your sunglasses and this is what you see sitting across from you. Trying to take over your home planet!

These aliens have control of the earth. The billboards we see, the cars we drive, the jobs we fight for and our entire being is influenced by these beings. They thrive and survive off of our cold hearted nature, our willingness to turn on our fellow man for our own personal riches. Some humans even knowingly work with these beings to better themselves and pad out their wallets.

A true John Carpenter classic. With one of the greatest lines in film history that hits so well in the film too. We get Roddy Piper giving it his all. It’s his “you talk in to me” moment and it is glorious.

If there’s one man that’s not going to take this shit from anyone it’s the gun firing, mullet wearing, blue jeans and one liners machine that is Roddy Piper as George Nada. Admittedly not the best hero name but my god he’s the one man for the job.

The Plot is original, the setting and the costume work is brilliant. The Creature design and practical effects are far more haunting and terrifying than anything CGI can put together.

This movie made me excited to see what would happen next. I wanted the good guys to win and uncover the extent of all the evil that’s taking over our world. There’s a fight scene too that’s a punch up between 2 guys and it’s almost never ending it keeps going for like ten minutes. Not a complaint or criticism now mind you, merely an observation.

They Live has action, Horror, comedy, drama and it’s a wild ride from start to finish!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

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