#149 – Californication (2007 – 2014)

Created by: Tom Kapinos

Starring: David Duchovny, Natasha McElhone, Evan Handler, Pamela Adlon & Madeleine Martin

The Plot

Hank Moody is a writer in LA, he loves writing, drinking, women and above all else his ex Karen and his daughter Becca. Hank tries to juggle his life, family and career in this hilarious and outrageously excellent series.

I’m excited just sitting down to start writing about one of the greatest shows in television history. As Hank Moody would say himself, I said it I meant it and I’m here to represent it!

Hank Moody can call you a mothafucka in a way like no other. A true delight to my senses, I get a smile on my face and a tingle up my spine when I hear Hank shout Modafuka!

Hank Moody is one of the great characters put to screen. An example of an actor (David Duchovny) and a character perfectly meshing and melding together to create something special. Hank Moody is one of the most entertaining and genuinely loveable characters I’ve ever seen. I love his lust for life, his passion for writing and music but above all else his love and adoration for Karen and his daughter Becca.

Hank could easily have become a one dimensional character just chasing girls in California but he’s deeper and more nuanced than that. He’s got a pull to him that you just want to watch and be a part of the story unfolding. He’s got an attitude to life that’s just beautiful, he sees all the fucked up shit but always tries at least to make the best and do the right thing. That’s it Hank Moody has the best of intentions and as we’re all aware that doesn’t always happen but he tries and tries again. He doesn’t give up on what he loves and he won’t be stopped, there’s beauty in that.

Hanks ex Karen is another great character who could have easily become the bitch or the ex that broke up the pair but again she’s nuanced and we too want them to make it work and ride off into the sunset at the end of it all. Through all the fucking and punching the pair always have a warmth and love for one another. Played incredibly well by Natasha McElhone she’s the other side to Hank, she’s his Muse and his ride or die.

Hanks daughter Becca is where all of his goodness is. She’s a combination of the pair and their scenes where they walk along the water and streets of Los Angeles are amongst my favourite of the show. Becca and Hank’s relationship is pure and utter love and straight talking. Becca is still young when her parents split and she’s having to grow up very fast and miss some of her childhood. She’s able to cut through the bullshit with Hank and some of their talks would move you to tears. She’s an incredible character and an excellent actor too.

Left to right : Karen, Hank & Becca

Now we get to the craziest couple on this show and honestly they’d give any show a run for its money here with Charlie and Marcy Runkle. These two are as wild as they come, they’re open to just about anything. Their ups and downs are riveting to watch, their peaks and valleys are always entertaining, heart breaking and with Charlie usually inappropriate and sexual in nature. They’re a great addition to the show and they’re best buds always with the Hank and Karen.

I adore this show and the soundtrack more than almost anything else I can think of. My obsession with the great Warren Zevon has it’s roots. Everytime Hank finishes a novel he celebrates with “Whiskey, weed and Warren Zevon”, Perfect just perfect. The show has the Rolling Stones and rock n roll all over the place. A show that celebrates the chaos of music and life. A show that gets across the meaning and beauty behind music and there’s always an emphasis on the story being told in the music. That’s my favourite type of music, I love when a song is sung by a real story teller. Don’t worry there’s plenty of Bob Dylan love to go around as well! Even the intro of the show is fun and exciting with some stunning saxophone thrown in there for good measures. I’m a believer that if more songs had more saxophone we’d have a better world to live in.

Hank Moody : Cool, calm and almost collected

Californication is just one of those shows that I can sit down at any time of the day or night and enjoy myself. It just nails everything as far as I’m concerned and I’m along for the ride from season 1 right to the finale in season 7. This show feels like rock n Roll for the soul!

So if you feel like following a loveable fuck up find his way in the sun, then Californication is for you. If you like drama, comedy and everything else in between then this is the next watch for you. So thanks for reading, I hope you watch and enjoy. Remember to enjoy every sandwich and until next time see ya later modafuka!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10/10

12 thoughts on “#149 – Californication (2007 – 2014)

  1. Great review! I love Californication. Great casting, I fear David D is acting from experience! It really does capture the California we wished we all lived in. Best soundtrack in TV in my opinion, though the Umbrella Academy did pretty good.

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    1. Ah thanks! Yeah it’s just one of those perfect shows where I think they got all the pieces right and it’s so enjoyable to watch. The soundtrack was one of the first things I noticed and got me into the show.

      You know I’ve had the umbrella academy on my watchlist for so long now and I haven’t even seen an episode yet, but I want to soon! Check out the music over there too.

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      1. The Umbrella Academy was the best thing on netflix. When they used Mary by Big Thief as the music for a storyline they won me over. Perfect.
        As you can imagine I am very fond of Americana. I am not a native born Yank, though have been here for some time, and generally went back and forth over the years, and the America of my dreams has always appealed to me. You are in Ireland?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah savage! I gotta check out that show. Ah that’s great! How are you finding it over there? Where abouts are you from originally? Yeah I am indeed haha born and raised my friend

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      3. Pass on my original country of origin (Im trying to disappear to get away from my very violent ex)….I watched the Derry Girls recently, great show…I needed subtitles! I love the US…I have a strained relationship with this country. It is the most beautiful place on earth, and I have travelled a lot. It is a gorgeous country full of some wonderful warm people. The best of everything is here. But sometimes it gets hateful and crazy and people have guns. Crazy and drunk and high with firearms is not a good mix. Oh yes…and EVERYBODY is Irish at least once a year. Plastic paddies they call em. People who have no links to Ireland want to make out they are James Joyce. …its..interesting.

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      4. Oh shit yeah that’s all good man it doesn’t matter anyway sure, oh yeah fair enough that’s a strong northern Irish accent in fairness to ya 😂😂. Yeah I can imagine because it can seem wild enough at times looking at it from the outside. Ah yeah you’ll have that all over the place not just America haha

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      5. I appreciate it. Trying to stay alive and with the kid. I didn’t have a hope in heck of understanding what was going on without subtitles. Not a chance. So that is Northern, huh? The south is more sing song? I am very fond of Shane McGowan, but can’t understand a word he is saying. To be fair, he seems perma-wrecked. It is pretty wild out here, the wild wild west. However often I get chased down the streets by the crackheads, and threatened with physical violence for no reason, I can’t find it in me to not love this city. Best place in the world. At least you don’t have guns in Ireland…at least not legal ones!

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  2. My parents love this show. Sadly I’ve never had the chance to check it out as my TV watchlist is stacked at the moment. I’ll add it to the schedule though… one day I’ll get round it.

    The theme tune is burned in my head though from years of hearing my parents watch it REALLY LOUDLY on the downstairs TV, lol.

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    1. Ah that’s so fun! Yeah it’s a real good time watching and the balance of drama and comedy throughout is perfection.

      David Duchovny can do no wrong! I hope that you enjoy it now if you get around to watching it and expectations aren’t so high going in haha.

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