#150 – LP collection

I started my vinyl collection earlier this year around my 25th birthday in February. I got 3 records as a gift that was 2 Bob Dylan and 1 from the great Warren Zevon too. I’ve really been enjoying spending the evenings just throwing on a record and letting it play.

Right as soon as the needle hits the vinyl and that scratchy noise starts I start feeling happy. No breaks or shuffle play on Spotify just the pure and original sound that the singer wanted us to hear. I’m still early into my collection but today I went into town and had a look around a few shops to see what I could find that grabbed my eye.There’s so many options out there and I couldn’t believe how many stores have a considerably large collection of vinyl’s. The first store I went into was Steamboat Records in Limerick and the sheer size of the records on display was insane. As soon as I walked in and heard the guy working there tuning a guitar and the Rock n Roll music playing over the speakers I thought to my self

Ian, you’re in heaven”

There was the Rolling Stones, Dylan, The Beatles just anyone and everyone but in the end my attention went to the film soundtrack section of the store. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas almost had me buying that. Then I see the Jackie Brown soundtrack and I’m thinking oh yeah that’s it. Finally near the end of the row I see the full 4 sided soundtrack to Red dead redemption 2 and I instantly grabbed it.

It was a little expensive at €32 but I’m giddy thinking about sitting out and listening to the beauty of that games music. I had to have it, I’ve been obsessed with being a real cowboy the last 6 months. So I’m happy and head to another couple of places but I didn’t get anything else until I went to golden discs.

So many options and so much Bob Dylan right at the front door too. So I almost bought about 4 of them but I settled on one. I bought the best of Bob Dylan because the songs on there are incredible.

It’s got Like a rolling stone, Tangled up in blue, the times are a changin, blowin in the wind and that’s just a few of the 23 songs on there. Now I’m goanna listen to some ol Dylan then go to the cinema for the first time in 2021.

Today was a good day!

7 thoughts on “#150 – LP collection

  1. I agree that vinyl is amazing (complete with that satisfying crackle/scratch) and is almost like live music, as compared to digital/remastered recordings. Beautiful blog you have here. Thank you so much for visiting, enabling me to find it. Very refreshing.

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  2. Oh yeah I love that too and the wait at the start for the song to start. It’s great and I’m loving it for my favourite singers, it’s live a live performance every single time.

    Thank you so much and right back at you. I’m glad I found yours too, I’m looking forward to reading more from you in the future!!

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