#160 – The invisible man 2020, Red dead redemption 2 and Fargo season 1,2 & 3

Yesterday afternoon I was off work and wanted to watch a newer released movie to give myself a break from the loop of Sopranos and YouTube videos. I watched the 2020 film The invisible man from director Leigh Whannell and starring Elizabeth Moss. The film is about a woman stuck in a crazy and controlling relationship with her husband who’s an expert in the field of optics. When she drugs him one night and flees (the opening scene) she’s still paralysed with fear from this man’s retribution. He later commits suicide we are told and Cecilia (Moss) still fears her ex sociopath husband. The film from here shows her being followed, tormented and manipulated by an invisible spectre of misfortune and vengeance. This film really surprised me and I was actually hooked and interested right from the opening of the film. It was made for a smaller budget and that as it often does makes creativity and ingenuity has to be placed at the forefront. This film is suspenseful, horrifying and excellently written, directed and acted. This is an all round great horror/thriller movie and I want a sequel to this. One of the best films in the recent attempts at starting a dark Cinematic universe with the Universal monsters. This is my favourite since the 2010 gothic horror film the wolfman.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

Red dead redemption 2 online

This game from the story, online gameplay and seemingly endless side missions has me constantly entertained for the past 6 months. I lose hours going into this expansive and interactive world created by Rockstar games. I went online a couple of nights ago with a friend of mine, we played from 2am thinking yeah we’ll do a bit and get some sleep. Before I knew where I was it was 11am and we had to call it quits for a while. So I played another couple moonshine missions and a few bounty’s brought into the sheriff. It was successful though, I bought new licences and roles. So now I’m a prestigious bounty hunter and a collector so that’s good. This game has been great during the pandemic and even the summer, places are open a bit but the weather is still awful here so I listen to some music or a podcast and explore the wild west a little. A guys gotta spend his downtime doing something and I enjoy killing these criminals, shooting up towns and causing anarchy with my posse. There’s always the threat of an attack either from a player, a rival, wild animal or riding your horse into a goddamn fucking tree yet again. I swear I smash into a tree at least once per session I play, I have to practice at being a better pilot.

Fargo season 1,2 & 3

I’ve also been rewatching Fargo the television series. What a show! This show takes the Fargo movie and adds so much to the world that it lives in. The characters, story and direction is sublime and the GREATEST version of an anthology series that I’ve ever seen and I haven’t even seen season 4 yet. Season 1 was incredible with Billy Bob Thornton stealing the show with his turn as Lorne Malvo being a career highlight. Season 2 then goes back in time to the late 1970’s and it’s perhaps one of the greatest seasons of television I’ve ever watched in my life. The way the stories flow and mix together is true brilliance on the screen. Season 3 with Ewan Mc Gregor as the Stussy brothers is great too. I’m rewatching it currently and I’m on episode 4 but I couldn’t be happier to watch this series again. There’s few shows with characters and stories so varied, comedic, dark and intense sometimes all of this and more in the same scene. It is utterly brilliant and so excellently crafter that it makes other shows seem stupider by comparison. If you enjoy a sharp, witty, suspenseful and incredibly written television series then you’ve gotta see Fargo!

That’s it from me that’s the main things I’ve been watching let me know your thoughts and suggestions of new things to watch, listen to, read or play!

2 thoughts on “#160 – The invisible man 2020, Red dead redemption 2 and Fargo season 1,2 & 3

  1. Adored Fargo 1 and 2. Deeply disappointed with season 3. David Thewlis just wasn’t sinister enough.

    I come and go with season 4 but a wonderful first episode and terrific characters. Let me know what you think.

    Great post

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  2. Yeah I have to agree with you, I remembered season 3 being better but I’m a few episodes in and it’s not as gripping or entertaining as the first 2 seasons. Yeah Thewlis plays more of a gross than sinister character.

    I will definitely be getting to season 4 shortly and I’ll let you know my thoughts on that when I see it. I am excited to see Chris Rock in a dramatic role with it so I’m optimistic.

    Thanks for the comment too!

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