#161 – Old friends

You ever had a friend that you’ve known forever,

A friend you went to school with and talked about dinosaurs with

The friend who no matter how much time passes in between it’s like you just pick up wherever you left off

A friend you get drunk with

Share your stories with

Make stories with

Listen to music with

Laugh with

Cry with

Laugh at yourself and them with

A friend who’s got your back and you’ve got theirs too

You want them to succeed in their lives and hope that you get to keep being a part of

A true friend no matter who it is or when you met. I’m lucky with my friends. I don’t want many but I want the few I keep close and let in to be there for as long as possible.

Sometimes it doesn’t take long to feel like someone has been in your life forever and they changed you as a person. I’ve had friends that after a few weeks I felt like I had to have this person in my life. They must’ve thought the same cause they’re not sick of me yet anyway.

I want to keep meeting my friends down the road, maybe find a few other similar souls to mine along the way.

5 thoughts on “#161 – Old friends

      1. That’s happened me before but you realise the phone works both ways. There’s some friends though that years can pass and you meet up like nothing happened and I love those guys


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