#181 – I’ll sleep when I’m dead, The dirty life and times of Warren Zevon – By Crystal Zevon

As a huge fan of Warren Zevon this book was a must read for me. Zevon is one the greatest singer songwriters of all time. Warren Zevon was a unique performer, his writing style was so unique, his voice and talent are unparalleled. Crystal Zevon wrote this book about her late husband and their tumultuous relationship. From the ups and down, their children and the great moments but she doesn’t shy away from the darker and dirtier sides of Warren Zevon. There was no punches pulled in this deep dive into the mind of a wickedly underrated talent.

This book is a biography and an oral history of the troubled life of a gifted and one of a kind voice that we may never see again. There’s interviews, stories and conversations from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt and Tom Petty. Warren Zevon may be most well known for his song werewolves of London but for a true fan of his you know that just barely scratches the surface of his catalogue. Zevon could conduct an orchestra, he was a musical genius.

Warren Zevon’s career lasted from 1965 until his untimely passing in 2003 from cancer. Warren Zevon could sing like nobody else, he played the guitar, piano and the harmonica. Warren Zevon may be unknown to the average listener but he played and recorded songs with the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Billy Bob Thornton and the Eagles.

This book is one of the most engaging and fascinating biographies that I have ever read. I gained a completely new understanding of the man and his life. There was so much love, hate, addiction, joy and depression all rolled up into one person. Warren has a special place in my heart that very few artists manage but he’s made my understanding and appreciation for lyrics in his songs. Warren always told a story with his music and that’s what I look for most in a song. If I could see any one singer from the past to see live and in concert it would be the Exciteable Boy Mr. Warren Zevon

Bruce Springsteen summed it up best when he described Warren Zevon. “A moralistic in cynic’s clothing. Zevon nails a part of the American character rarely captured in pop music”.

4 thoughts on “#181 – I’ll sleep when I’m dead, The dirty life and times of Warren Zevon – By Crystal Zevon

    1. Oh wow yeah that’s a common thing and that song was recorded so last minute and it turned into his signature song. Zevon had such great depth and emotion to his songs it’s a shame his other work isn’t more prevalent.

      I actually didn’t know he was on the Larry Sanders show I’ll have to check that out, thank you!

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