#217 – The batman

I saw the batman this week

It was dark and gritty

It was trying very very hard

It was a rip off of seven

It was a rip off of zodiac

It was a rip off of fight club

It was a rip off and too long

I checked my phone a few times

I felt like Robert Pattinson was trying so hard to be dark and gritty and I felt how hard he was trying

I felt how hard they tried

It wasn’t effortless or entertaining to me

Joker back in 2019 was a mix of taxi driver and the king of comedy, nothing more or original just a carbon copy of better more original films,

It felt unoriginal and bland

It was not what I expected

It was not the batman film I thought it would be

It was predictible

It was whatever,

It was just a movie,


6 thoughts on “#217 – The batman

  1. Ha ha ha! Why they keep redoing films that have already been done so well, I have no idea. They need to remake the flops and get them right finally. A good actor friend of mine told me that and it has always stuck in my head.

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  2. I totally agree, I knew as soon as I saw Batman riding the subway to get to the bat signal that there was something wrong. And then, he nearly gets his but kicked by a group of 12-year-olds in face paint. Not to mention that this bat suit makes him look like a leather daddy in a gimp suit.

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