#218 – Acting

For as long as I can remember Cinema and actors have fascinated me.

These magnificent and larger than life figures have always drawn me to them.

Their skill,

Their look,

Their charisma.

As a child it was my escape from the everyday

Cinema has saved my life many times

I often found myself alone and in my room. I would watch these actors in film and be fascinated by the lives they lived

My first obsession was Robert De Niro,

My first crush was Laura Dern in Jurassic Park,

My first loss I felt for an actor was James Gandolfini,

When I felt alone and like an outcast, I found taxi driver and De Niro

When I felt scared and confused, I found Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford,

When I felt trapped and surrounded by darkness I found Steven Spielberg and the magic of his films. Jurassic Park made me feel happy,scared and excited

When I needed someone to inspire me and make me feel like I could belong and be weird, be strange, be out there I found myself the one and only Jack Nicholson

I saw these creative people and they stuck with me

The actors and directors made me believe in a world where magic was real.

I would spend all my time watching and analysing these people I admired,

Even as a teenager I knew I had to he involved somehow.

I’d write script’s,

Try to shoot films,

But I let it slide for a while until recently,

I went to acting class,

I went to a casting call,

I got cast and I got to go on set and make short films

I just hope they’re good but I believe I can add something to it. Something only I can do

It’s my passion and my drive. I love cinema

I knew I owed a debt to Cinema,

I knew I had to be involved in filmmaking,

It’s as close to immortality a person can get,

It’s a craft and a passion that’s needed,

It’s time travel.

It’s scary,

It’s embarrassing,

It’s exciting and out of the ordinary

If I can somehow find a way to act and inspire someone as I was then I’ll have done something right.

If I can do it, if I can do it I’ll fulfil a promise I made to myself as a young kid with a silly dream of being a actor

An actor, a good actor that is, gets to live many lives and I already feel that I’ve lived a few lives in my 26 years.

I hope I get to live a few more

7 thoughts on “#218 – Acting

  1. Ah films..they inspire me as well! I could relate my feelings to your every line. The first ever film that drove me down this path of “for the love of cinema” was an Indian film called “Gangs of Wasseypur”. Not sure if you heard about it..but it was this film that paved way for a different kind of era for mainstream Indian cinema. I think it is quite evident that you have inclination towards watching crime and suspense thrillers😅maybe you should checkout Gangs of Wasseypur (incase if you are able to find one with English subtitles).
    Happy to hear about your new acting journey!!
    All the best wishes!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your message, I’m glad you enjoyed what I wrote. I have not heard of that film gangs of Wasseypur but it does sound like it might be right up my street, have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

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