#220 – Dylan and his never-ending catalogue of music just keeps me going and going and going !

For so many years now I’ve been listening to the music of Bob Dylan and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. If anything it’s getting worse over time but there’s just so much to choose from. Most recently I’ve been listening to a release of Springtime in New York; The bootleg series Vol.16 a release of songs between 1980 -1985. I actually came across it in steamboat quay vinyl store last Sunday but as tempted as I was to buy more Dylan on vinyl I or my very keen eyes girlfriend I should say spotted a Warren Zevon album, live at the Roxy in LA and I couldn’t leave Warren behind. It’s an amazing album, such a great find and my first Zevon album I’ve bought in person to boot. Anyway back to Bob,

There’s one on there in particular a version of don’t fall apart on me tonight, it’s take II of this song and it’s amazing in how many times I’ve listened to this song without getting close to tired of it. The rest of the album is brilliant but I’ve been watching the music video released last year on the Bob Dylan YouTube channel on repeat also.

Other than that I’ve been listening to some of my usual Dylan favourites. As for some of the new songs I’ve found there’s stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again, If not for you, I want you, country pie, one of us must know and changing of the guards. There’s enough Dylan to go around for a long long while, offcuts and bootleg versions seem to spring from an eternal source. One song too that was after striking me with it’s particular beauty is when the deal goes down. It’s sad, slow, familiar and strange but a very beautiful song All the same.

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