#221 – Vinyl collection update

The collection grows stronger as the months have passed us by. This time late year I was at the beginning stages of my collection. The early days of a new found obsession to collect more physical media. Five hundred or more DVD’s, Blu ray and boxsets wasn’t enough, Spotify wasn’t enough at all and YouTube was never even close. Oh the vinyl how fun and exciting it is to go hunting for you or to find the one you’ve been searching for. Maybe even one you didn’t even realize you were in desperate need of until you found it. So you’ve got that excitement, you go pay for the thing and you bring it home. Sit down by the record player and open it up. You admire the art work and you read about the album, some are more detailed than others of course. Then you let it play and you sit back to enjoy. The order of the songs too is highly important when listening here. They were placed that way for a reason and it’s great to hear the vinyl purring and turning right before it hits the part with your music on it.

I haven’t really dedicated a post to my collection since last June so there’s probably a good bit to share. Last time I had only a handful of vinyl’s and not that I have a massive collection now but it is at the first twenty five and growing. I’ve added more Dylan, sampled some soundtracks, winded down with Warren and laughed loudly with Lenny. I’m having a great time listening to these great finds. Aside from the music I’ve gotten some other gems I’m looking forward to talking about.

One of the greatest benefits of vinyl I must admit is that it makes me want to listen to a full album more. Listen to the album flow and the story tell itself before me.

Bob Dylan, The original debut recording limited edition 180g marbled vinyl. Such a beautiful album with songs like House of the risin sun, man of constant sorrow and song to Woody. Dylan sounds so young here and the songs are mainly covers which is unusual for him. I absolutely adore this album and the artwork is exceptional. If only I could get a 7X8 metal frame of the album cover. It’s so beautiful I wanna fall into it and it’s psychedelic vibe.

An excellent birthday gift of a rare Dylan album with a green marble vinyl

Last Saturday me and Eva went to town. In search for hot dogs, vintage clothing shops, books and I was hunting for Vinyl also. Golden discs had a lot but I bought nothing, I saw others in the edge and lucky lane yet my cash remained in my pocket. I got to steamboat quay records and I searched and I searched and I searched. What I found was some Dylan albums and the Stones, I was set to buy one along with a Johann Strauss album when all of a sudden Eva finds a gem. Eva finds Warren Zevon live at the Roxy in Los Angeles back in the day. I’m at a crossroads now do I buy the usual or go with my favourite and of course I took the Zevon album home with me. When I put it on and I heard the audience, I heard the guitars and the band getting ready. Warren warming up on the piano and then boom ! His voice jumps out from my record player. Warren hasn’t gone anywhere, he isn’t dead almost twenty years and he certainly isn’t buried in LA. He’s playing a live show in my sitting room in Limerick city, he’s murdering too Incase you were wondering. So clear, so loud, so sad, so angry, so touching and so powerful, I loved this live album and the way it made me feel. Now I hear you ask, Ian isn’t €48 expensive for a vinyl? Yes it is and I would’ve paid €90 for this album, it’s something else. I highly recommend listening to this in any format you can, I explore you to broaden your music by adding even a touch of Zevon in there.

To find Zevon and Johann Strauss on the same morning feels fitting (thanks for spotting Warren Eva)

It’s not all been Dylan, Zevon and the Stones. I got a Bukowski Vinyl of him reading his poetry. Recorded back in 1980 this album let’s us sit in on a live recording of the writer. That’s who he is for me by the way THE writer, he’s so entertaining, funny, charming, crude, dark, beautiful and fucked up. This recording was very special to me, I’ve always found Bukowski and his words to be relatable, dark and fucked up usually but I can understand some of what he’s saying. I tend to lean into the side of things that he’s making art and something transcendent out of the rotten and dark sides of his personality. Bukowski had a way of cutting through the bullshit, skipping the excess, cutting down on the unecessary and breaking your goddamn heart as he slowly unveils his story to you. Bukowski reading Bukowski on Vinyl is a gift to me that’s so perfectly designed, I almost can’t believe I have it to listen to whenever I need to.

Buk reading Buk

Okay so that’s a glimpse for now, an update and it won’t be as long next time in between updates I promise.

9 thoughts on “#221 – Vinyl collection update

  1. A side issue to begin: i do hope you “implore your readers to” explore to broaden their music!
    Vinyl sounds so much better than any other musical recording material, especially if you have a diamond needle to play it with. No digital device can duplicate that sound.
    You have certainly found some rare gems to add to your collectiom. I have never even heard of Bukowski recording himself reading his own poetry. That has to be priceless. I would love to hear it.
    Enjoy collecting.

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    1. I do love the sound from vinyl, especially Dylan I love listening to his albums on vinyl. Oh yeah the Bukwoski reading is great,he’s so funny and entertaining with the crowd in attendance. I’d highly recommend and I got it as a gift for my birthday. Thank you for your thoughts, enjoy collecting yourself !


      1. My collection vanished 30 years ago. I had to move cities quickly and left a number of thiings including my vinyl with a good friend. When I returned 6 months later the friend had sold her house and moved somewhere else too. Never heard from her again. I’m too old now to collect vinyl anymore. My hearing is shot too, so I can only experience the greatness of the music in my memory. But vinyl was the best.

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      2. Oh man that sucks ! A man’s vinyl collection is sacred, I’m sorry that happened to you. You’ve got a great attitude about it though!


      3. What else can I do. Crying dies not bring it vack to me. I just hope either she still enjoys listening to my records, or she made some money sell8ng them. I had some really rare gems, including a bootleg of Hendrix Live in the Netherlands. Every concert of his was different. He played some covers that night I never heard him do on his studio albums. The man owned everything he played,

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