#225 – bank holiday Monday

What to do what to do what to do ?

I spent a few years working them, on shift for twelve hours when I should’ve been nursing a hangover instead

This year I’m off, I’m one of the envied ones by healthcare standards all over the country

What will I do? It’s already 9:10am and I’m just on my phone in bed.

I ate myself into a right good nap yesterday evening. Pizza and chocolate and I was out by seven on the couch.

But this was not an ordinary nap, no this was one of those you’re gonna sleep heavily for the next 4 hours, wake up in a daze at ten o’clock type deal.

So I woke up to reading, Indiana Jones on the tv and a little dog tuckered out on his throne in the corner by the window of the sitting room.

Friday and Saturday were more productive I have to admit. Now finishing work at midday for a four day weekend is something that’s still insane to me but I won’t question my good luck too much.

A catch up with an old friend and a few drinks out in Limerick city was definitely needed. We chatted and talked for hours about nothing really, for the exception of Warhammer and that seems like a lot of lore behind a series.

The escape room on Saturday now that was entertaining. So we get there and it’s lashing rain were looking for parking near King John’s castle and eventually find it. We run to where it is and get to the front of what looks like an old cinema cafe from the 70’s or something I mean the thing was very retro but also a little bit battered and bruised from the years gone by too. Nobody’s there just an empty ticket stall until we hear the voice from god above. We’re about to get buzzed in, they’re watching us from the eye in the sky.

So we get up go through the rules for the thing and we’re in the room. It’s a classroom and we get in and just look around. At the start I was clueless there was four desks with props,locks, maps, pictures,books, writings and drawings on the walls. Honestly it was about twenty five minutes before I found out first clue. A three digit code was needed and our room had the mark of the beast on the back of the door so of course 666 found us our first key.

This opens a drawer, which has a key and pictures and the key opened a drawer which had more clues and riddles. Honestly it was a lot of fun, definitely have to work the brain and I felt Foggy at the start but by the end I was ready for another one. It was so frantic and rushed at the end I didn’t think we’d make it but under pressure we quick fired the last bit and escaped just in the nick of time to avoid the headmaster.

So here we are back at Monday morning

Monday the eighteenth of April

I’m fed,

I’m showered,

I’m gonna get ready for a walk with Eva and Charlie and then I’ll see what’s next. The weather in Ireland? Not raining so that’s our summer.

I’d better get out in it again

With a whopping 38 seconds to spare

6 thoughts on “#225 – bank holiday Monday

    1. We’d be there forever and ever and ever. Kinda like how the Overlook hotel swallowed up Jack Torrance’s soul. Maybe we’d be the caretakers of the school, maybe we’ve always been in that room. Now I’m curious myself

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That does sound stunning to me. Like getting to try your wise mind to escape torture maybe lol You done good in the end both of you escaped the nasty mean headmaster. Maybe he might have kept you forever trying to escape but that was the fun behind it all, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad we had enough brain capacity to get out of that classroom before while we had the chance. I think that was his plan just to keep us like rats in a maze until we figured it out haha

      Liked by 1 person

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