#257- Confess fletch is the remake we needed.

I went to see confess Fletch on Friday night in Omniplex. I got my drink and my popcorn and I’m sitting in my seat ready to watch a new fletch movie. The original film with the hilarious Chevy Chase is one of his best and funniest films. Fletch is a former investigative reporter who gets involved in a mysterious kidnapping and art theft. Confess Fletch is not a straight up comedy but the comedic moments are brilliant. Jon hamm is a great new interpretation of the character who here like the novels is more about investigating and solving a mystery or crime whereas the Chevy version is well it’s Chevy doing hilarious characters throughout.

Fletch has to get to the bottom of a murder where he looks like he’s a prime suspect for. While this is happening there’s a series of twists ,turns and laughs along the way. I found the tone of the film to be pitch perfect, I was hoping for a film with similar sensibilities to the Nice Guy’s film from 2016 and I wasn’t disappointed. The mad men reunion between Hamm and Slattery (Draper and Sterling) was great seeing their dynamic as alive and hilarious as ever. The dry wit and comedy on display were my favourite and yet again Jon Hamm proves he’s a hilarious comedic actor. Hamm definitely puts his own unique stamp on the character and I hope they make more of these films going forward. There’s about 10 books to adapt from so I’m hoping people go watch and support this film and give us more fletch for the future, because that’s a future I want to live in.

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