#258- Glass Onion is the franchise we need !

Glass Onion is the sequel to Knives out and the next chapter in the whodunit franchise. I went to see it yesterday and was hoping for something as good as the original or at least as entertaining and I was NOT disappointed with this one. Glass Onion is a film and pardon the pun with many layers to it. Having just seen it yesterday it’s fresh in my head but I already know that on a second viewing it’s going to be an entirely different film.

The film is set during the pandemic in May 2020 and Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is not handling things well. We start with him playing Among us in the bath and smoking a cigar. When Blanc receives an invitation from billionaire Miles Bron ( Edward Norton) to his private island for a murder mystery weekend he can’t resist the temptation of a good murder case. Once on the island with a hand of celebrities and people of influence get together once a year then the mystery really begins.

I found some of the start of the film to be slow but as the film went in I was too invested to worry about how long the film was and was along for the ride. This is a fantastic and hilarious addition to the knives out franchise, which is the type of franchise filmmaking in here for! Benoic Blanc is such a dynamic and eccentric character here even more so than knives out, the pandemic hit him hard and we see that in this film. The character of Benoit Blanc is hopefully going to be around for decades to come, I know Netflix already greenlit a third film which is great. I also highly recommend seeing this on the big screen if that’s at all possible for it’s short cinema release before going to Netflix next month. For me Janelle Monae, Dave Bautista and Kate Hudson were stand outs amongst the ensemble cast here.

Glass Onion was a fun and entertaining ride from the start. The new cast of characters and mystery surrounding them is intricate and exciting throughout. I hope this film does well and it’s definitely one of Netflix’s best original film’s. It’s been a lot of fun seeing this and confess fletch for some crime solving non superhero related films I’m hoping this trend continues. Next we’ll get a nice guys sequel and I’ll be really happy!

The cast of characters

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