#262- Bones and all Review

Last night I went to see bones and all, I had seen a trailer for the film a few weeks back and the cinematography and Cohen song you want it darker played over it and I thought it looked great. Basically I didn’t know much before I saw the film and I wasn’t fully ready initially for how gory and animalistic the scenes of cannibals feeding were. Bones and all is a coming of age film, mixed with a young romance story and a cannibal roadtrip. It’s essentially True Romance meets Natural born killers and Silence of the lambs.

Our main character in this horrifying yet tender film is Maren, a teenager who’s recently been left by her father due to her unquenchable lust for blood and flesh. She has to feed and she’s been doing it since she first fed on her babysitter at age 3. She later ate a boy at camp when she was 8. They had been on the run since then and she hasn’t gotten any better in the years that followed. We follow her on her journey to find her mother and meet her for the first time. All she has to go in is a name and town where she was born. On her journey she meets other feeders who can smell other feeders. There’s so many cannibals in America according to this film and they can smell each other. One of these feeders is Sully who smelled Maren from half a mile away in his garden. He follows her from this moment and from the first time we see Sully, we don’t want anything to do with Sully let me tell you that much. I spent half this movie with my mouth open if I’m totally honest. The scenes where they feed are so horrifyingly shown yet beautifully filmed, it creates a strange sense of horror and fascination where you can’t help but stare at the inevitable fate of the next meal.

Maren meets Lee on her journey and a romance and friendship blossoms between the two. They help each other trust someone else and also help feed together on raw human flesh. This film shows so much and the unapologetic yet sympathetic depiction of these characters leaves you with an unsettled feeling. This film definitely is not for everyone but the acting, cinematography,writing and music used throughout this very original take on the over exploited serial killer genre is incredible. I was oddly fascinated with this unusual and in depth look at being cursed at birth with the thirst for human flesh. The film doesn’t even ask is it a choice? or is this something you’re born with? NOPE! you’re either a feeder or you aren’t and that’s what this film shows us. Check it out if you don’t mind some blood and gore with a wild and off the walls story.

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      1. Did you stream it or watch at the theater? I would rather watch from home.
        Have you seen “Warm Bodies” or read the book? It’s a different take on zombie horror.

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