#263- Sr. A Story of Family and filmmaking

Sr. Is a documentary by Robert Downey Jr and his father Robert Downey in a documentary/ unstructured experimental film. This intimate and very well crafted documentary tells the story of Robert Downey, a renegade filmmaker from the 1960’s who’s films were as irreverent as the man himself. Robert Downey Jr is our guide through much of this and asks the questions however it’s Sr. who is still directing the show.

I didn’t know anything about the man or his films before watching this documentary. Having since watched this very entertaining documentary I am fascinated by the man and his films and some of questionable decisions he made over his life. The ups and downs throughout showed a side of someone’s family that you don’t often see. What I enjoyed most about this was how open and honest it was. Sr. Covers both Jr and Sr’s career and their own personal relationship and all that goes along with that.

After watching this story it gave an insight into how people handle family, life, work, love, death, addiction and come out the other end. I found Sr. to be Robert Downey Jr’s tribute to his father, somewhere someone like myself may hear of him and maybe watch more of his film’ from seeing this documentary. It’s a good one, I definitely recommend.

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