#265- Mississippi Grind Movie Review

Mississippi Grind is another one of those films that I came across years ago and had sat on my list ever since. I just watched it and it was a very good film with two great performances from Ben Mendelssohn and Ryan Reynolds. The pair meet at a poker table and bond over their shared interests in gambling and Reynolds’s character being so charming and charismatic as opposed to Meldelsohn’s he’s enamored instantly. We follow the pair as they travel to a big card game and they gamble,talk and create a bond along the way. This film obviously with the hilarious Ryan Reynolds had brilliant moments of comedy but it was the dramatic moments and themes of the film that were the most interesting and gripping for me. I found the dynamic of the pair to be interesting as in their own way they were using the other to better themselves. A genuine bond and connection is formed and maintained throughout the course of the film.

Both men are addicts in their own separate ways. One is addicted to gambling and the thrill of putting it all on the line is what he’s chasing not the money or something at the end of it all, the gambling is all he wants. The other is impulsive and unpredictable. He isn’t able to stay still or be consistent he’s always looking onto the next adventure. We get to know both of these men and for a lot of the film we like these men and have fun watching them drinking and gambling. We also see what gamblers will do to fund their next bet or roll of the dice or pull of a slot machine or whatever. This was a good one, with two strong performances being the real draw to the film.

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