#266- I’m obsessed with Clash of Clans again

A few months ago when a friend of mine was over he got out clash of clans and asked me if I was playing it because he started it again. I remember being obsessed with it back years ago but I ended up deleting it off my phone. I looked it up and logged in again and found my old profile. Well that was in August and I’ve been playing it again ever since. There’s something I enjoy about checking in on my villages, upgrading weaponry and invading other clans for loot and exiler. It’s the simple things really I suppose that are the best. The builders village is an entirely new addition for me since I last played and it’s another village to play and raid with so I love that. There’s always a new goal or target to reach that keeps pulling you back into this game and it’s working on me certainly.

My Home Village
My Builder’s Base
Just reached level 93, reminds me of Red Dead
My War Base

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