#270- Random AI Art images I generated

I installed an AI Art render app recently on my phone where I typed in a prompt and was given an image from AI images. The results vary a lot and it’s only a trial account I’m using so I’m unsure still but all the same some of the pictures are pretty cool.

7 thoughts on “#270- Random AI Art images I generated

  1. You got some good ones, particularly the portraits. I played around with a few AI art generators and found Mid Journey the best so far. I could have wasted a month playing around with it but used up my free trial in about an hour. I’ve considered subscribing, but just can’t justify it at this point.

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  2. Thank you. Yeah it’s tough still figuring out the prompt and the style to use that fits best. I might try out mid journey the one I’m trialing is Wonder. It’s good but only a few free trials a day and I use them to figure out what works.

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    1. Hey ! Oh yeah it’s a lot of fun, some apps have suggested prompts and you can add or take away there but hyper realistic or selfie prompts give good details if there’s a person you want to generate. And I just used some key words like that then for some of the space ones I promoted hyper realistic depiction of deep space, interstellar space. Then depending on the art styles too that totally changes the final image. It’s all trial and error really I haven’t fully figured it out myself but it’s fun playing about with.

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