#276- The Last of us episode 1 is finally here !

The last of us has finally arrived on our TV screens and it was everything I was hoping it would be. The show in the first episode has already captured the feel and tone of the game. The post apocalyptic and destroyed world in which we find ourselves thrown into is the stuff of nightmares.

The game was and remains one of the most entertaining, pulse pounding and emotionally draining games I’ve ever played and I’m so glad it’s HBO giving it the series it deserves. The initial scenes show us day one of the infection and the chaos that grips the world in a matter of hours. The anarchy and panic that they capture is gripping and extremely intense. From the casting, writing, cinematography,music and editing so far it’s one of the best first episodes of a tv series I’ve seen in a long time and all I want to do is watch the next episode as quickly as I can.

It seems that they’re going to stick to the source material while adding some minor changes to keep hardcore fans if the game on their toes. I am all for it. Roll on Monday for episode 2 !

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