#276- The Last of us episode 1 is finally here !

The last of us has finally arrived on our TV screens and it was everything I was hoping it would be. The show in the first episode has already captured the feel and tone of the game. The post apocalyptic and destroyed world in which we find ourselves thrown into is the stuff of nightmares. … Continue reading #276- The Last of us episode 1 is finally here !

#231- Peacemaker is hilarious, go check it out !

I just started peacemaker during the week and I only finished the eight episodes off now. I can't recommend this show highly enough if you're a fan of irreverent, sarcastic and dark comedy. If you like blood,gore, chainsaw killings, eagles and childhood trauma issues them I've got the show for you my friend. Peacemaker is … Continue reading #231- Peacemaker is hilarious, go check it out !

#194 – The Many Saints of Newark trailer II

The Sopranos prequel movie the Many saints of Newark is almost upon us. The film was first announced back in 2017 and I've been patiently waiting since. So far the trailers have not disappointed and the hype for this movie is now out of this world. It's been my most anticipated movie release of the … Continue reading #194 – The Many Saints of Newark trailer II

#166 – Sopranos prequel ;The Many Saints of Newark FINALLY has a trailer!

I'm at work and I'm going about my day as per usual just being a regular neighbour social care worker and then BOOM. Out of nowhere I've gotten the gift of gifts and that is a trailer for the Soprano movie I've been waiting 4 years for. This film was announced first back in 2017 … Continue reading #166 – Sopranos prequel ;The Many Saints of Newark FINALLY has a trailer!

#128 – Curb your enthusiasm (2000 – present)

Created by: Larry David Starring: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Cheryl Hines, Jb Smoove, Richard Lewis, Bob Einstein & Ted Danson Curb your enthusiasm and Larry David really are the gift that keeps on giving! Curb your enthusiasm follows Larry David the creator of Seinfeld in this version of himself he's a man with … Continue reading #128 – Curb your enthusiasm (2000 – present)

#108 – The Sopranos – Top 10 episodes

*Spoilers ahead for the Sopranos series* you've been warned! For those of you who haven't seen the Sopranos or have seen it once I take great pleasure in telling you that the show is better with each rewatch. The Sopranos is a show of nuance and subtleties. Having watched the show over X10 times here's … Continue reading #108 – The Sopranos – Top 10 episodes

#97 – Entourage – Vinny Chase & the Boys

Entourage is a fictional look at movie star Vincent Chase. The show follows Vince and his entourage of his best friend and manager Eric Murphy "E" his buddy Turtle and his older brother Johnny Chase "Drama". His fast talking agent Ari Gold fits perfectly into the groups dynamic as he wheels and deals in Hollywood. … Continue reading #97 – Entourage – Vinny Chase & the Boys