10 best TV shows of the decade

The best shows from the 2010's. No Game of Thrones because that last season kinda fucks up the show as a whole series. 10. Fargo 9. Peaky Blinders 8. Stranger Things 7. Lethal Weapon Season 1-2 6. Black Mirror 2011 - Present 5. Bobs Burgers 2011 - present 4. Rick and Morty 3. True Detective … Continue reading 10 best TV shows of the decade

My favorite 10 television shows

These may not necessarily be what everyone thinks to be the best list of shows ever but it's a list of my favourite shows of all time. Rewatchability is a major factor in what I look for in a show. As well as interesting characters, comedy, creative and clever writing as well as memorable and … Continue reading My favorite 10 television shows