#10 – The forgotten Icon of stand up Comedy – Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald is a Canadian stand-up comedian, writer & actor. Norm has been a comedian since 1987. Norm was the weekend update host on Saturday Night Live (SNL) he has been in movies such as Billy Madison, Grown ups and Doctor Dolittle. Whether he’s voicing a pigeon on Mike Tyson mysteries or interviewing people on Norm has a show, he’s always great to watch.

Norm MacDonald has been doing stand up for the longest time and he’s genius. His timing is unbelievable and often times his jokes are so long and meandering and often pointless but the way he delivers his jokes and punchlines are unbelievably hilarious. Norm covers a whole range of topics and while he usually plays a fool it’s clear just how clever he is and the way he holds the audiences attention is brilliant.

Weekend Update

Norm was the host of weekend update on SNL for 3 years before he was let go. Norm was brilliant on this segment and his dry sense of humour, sarcasm and delivery on the latest news is still to this day hilarious. The topics are dated for the most part but his brutal jokes around the OJ Simpson case, Madonna, Bill Clinton… The list goes on they’re so funny. Norm really nailed the satirical tone of the weekend update segment and they feel (almost) for the most part like real news broadcasts until BOOM he goes into Norm mode and destroys whoever he’s talking about or the topic.

Norm’s delivery and style are unlike anybody else. Even his voice to me is so instantly recognisable and hilarious.

One of the best things about Norm was that there was an uncertainty about what he was going to say next. Norm’s deadpan delivery and even his look, I mean he looks like a news reporter until he comes out with the most outrageous and hilarious stuff.

Norm on Conan

When Norm’s on, its his show

I mean honestly I’ve spent so many hours watching the interviews on Conan where he had Norm as a guest. Conan even said himself that Norm is his favourite guest he’s ever had on his show. Norm could and most likely will say anything regardless of what’s being discussed. Norm doesn’t mind telling long and I mean long stories that seem to make no sense, have no rhyme, reason or logic right up until the punchline and oftentimes even then they don’t make sense til your walking around later and it’ll click in your head.

I wonder who’s buried in the grave of the guy who invented the ol switcheroo

I went to see an Adele concert and it was disappointing, she sang a song and the concert immediately stopped.

That second joke, I mean he’ll berate a person about making a fat joke then make a the show ain’t over til the fat lady sings joke immediately after.

Norm is the best there is at making stupid and often poignant and meaningful jokes. I mean he’s not above a fart joke at the same time, who among us is after all. If you can make it through this moth joke it’s amazing and something to behold.

If you make it through this moth joke, Congratulations!! I love it but not everyone I sit down to make watch it shares my sentiment buy what ya goanna do.

Norm has had his own sitcom, he’s been in movies and television shows, he’s hosted his own talk show and released many stand up specials. My favourite being titled Hitler’s dog, Gossip & trickery (2017). What a title and yeah it kind of makes sense when you watch it where he pulled the name from.

Norm isn’t for everyone but he’s one of my favourite stand up comics and his unique style is so recognisable and funny. There’s definitely a Norm joke out there for everybody though. Between his movies, stand up, TV shows and podcast there’s 100’s of hours of content of Norm MacDonald. The only thing is I wish he was more well known and he had more I could watch and laugh at. I try to work as much of his jokes into everyday conversations just to see what kind of a reaction it gets from people.

Norm is up there with the Dave Chappelle’s and the Eddie Murphy’s of the comedy world. He really is one of the greatest and one of the most unique comics still working today.