#25 – My favorite 10 films from the past decade

It’s not easy to choose just one favourite film from each year so basically I went with my favourite cinema experience, rewatchability and great music or quotes I enjoyed the most.


The Irishman

Martin Scorsese is back and he’s brought DeNiro, Pacino and Pesci along for the ride. The Irishman feels like the film all those involved careers were culminating towards. A modern day classic that deserves a place amongst the Goodfellas, Casino and Godfather films. A true masterpiece of cinema and return to form for the actors involved. Christmas really did come early this year with this one


A Star is Born

I really loved this movie. From the acting, music, story and feeling I had watching it in the cinema and rewatching it on DVD. The soundtrack to this film too is amazing and there’s so many songs and original songs too on the soundtrack that I still regularly listen to. From the acting and singing from Bradley Cooper to the great cameos from legendary comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Dave Chappelle the characters in the film are what really jumped off the screen.


Thor Ragnarok

Ragnarok was one of the biggest and brightest films released in 2017 and of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor really came into his own character in this movie and the addition of new worlds and characters really was an amazing spectacle to watch. The comedy and storyline on display in this movie mixed with an unbelievable soundtrack filled with retro and techno songs throughout. Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum in particular steal each scene they are in. Thor Ragnarok is a favourite among comic book and general movie going fans alike.


The Nice Guys

An underrated film that gets better each time you watch it. The nice guys is a fast paced and witty film throughout. The chemistry between the cast and the mystery they’re trying to solve is fantastic. The things Jackson and Holland say during the film are so outrageous and over the top yet delivered with such meaning and sincerity its perfect. I wish they made a sequel to this film but its such a great stand alone film with so many quotes, hilarious scenes and great performances all around. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Mad Max Fury Road

The fourth installment in the Mad Max trilogy saw Mel Gibson be replaced with Tom Hardy. Fury Road is a glorious exploration of the post apocalyptic world. People seek water, food and gasoline to maintain their power and stay alive. Max meets furiosa on the Fury Road and their tale is told over the course of this outrageous and stunning work of art I had the privelege of seeing on the big screen. Fury Road is a spectacular film that has to be seen to be believed. I consider it to be the best in the franchise. Judge for yourself but this colourful and energetic masterpiece from mastermind George Miller is one of the greatest Cinematic achievements where film and CGI meld together to create such beautiful imagery.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s most ambitious film to date the Guardians of the Galaxy was a risk that paid off an unbelievable amount. Paving the way for the tone and bombastic feeling that led to a sequel and Thor Ragnarok. The guardians of the Galaxy was a knock out success that just may be my favourite Marvel film. The crew of outcasts that sets off to save the Galaxy is a brilliant rag tag team of misfits that you grow to love instantly. The acting, story and casting was perfect for this one. Plenty of comedy, Action and superheroes saving the day in their own way. The soundtrack to this movie is one of the greatest in film history there’s a track for everyone with the Guardians.


The Wolf of Wall Street

Scorsese is back and with the cast, script and editing of the epic that is the tale of Jordan Belfort the Wolf of Wall Street is a modern day classic. A film about excess and extravagance is on full display for the 3 hour runtime. Dicaprio has one of his greatest performances with Jonah Hill as a scene stealing and over the top Donnie Azoff. As well as a breakout role for Margot Robbie and supporting cast of Matthew Mcconnaughey, Rob Reiner and Jon Bernthal. The fast paced excess on display in this movie makes it one of the quickest 3 hour films I’ve ever seen. The wolf of Wall Street is so quotable, rewatchable and effective in it’s dissection of excess and white collar crimes in 80’s America.


Django Unchained

The slickest and most stylised Western to ever be presented on the big screen. Django Unchained is an epic Western story told through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino. Jam packed with his usual quotable and unique style of writing and direction Tarantino takes the helm and brings us on a journey. Django is seeking to right some wrongs and make some money along the way with help from Dr. King Schuktz. The comraderie and bond shared between these two characters is Cinematic gold. The heroic pair will face off against Calvin Candie played by a film stealing Leonardo Dicaprio and Samuel L Jackson as Calvin’s evil house slave. Django is full of everything we’ve come to know and love about Tarantino as well as a fantastic story that is executed perfectly.



Each time I revisit warrior and the tale of 2 brothers and their differences with their alcoholic father to fighting in the octogon to survive I fall in love with this film even more. Not since the first rocky film has a sports film resonated with me so much and made me feel so touched by the characters and their dilemmas. Warrior is a beautiful and moving film with a fantastic cast, director, writer and soundtrack. Such an emotional powerhouse of a movie that improves upon each rewatch.


Shutter Island

Scorsese is back in the horror/ thriller genre with 2010’s Shutter Island. Not since Cape fear in 1991 has Scorsese captured such deeply damaged and disturbing a character. Shutter Island is filled with fantastic acting performances,mystery, intrigue and twists and turns that aren’t fully revealed until the final shot of the film. The score is fantastic and unusual as Scorsese tends to use music as opposed to a film score but in this case it emphasises the dramatic and eery undertones of the film. If your a fan of horror or thriller films this is a must see. As for movie fans the master is back at work here and Scorsese continues to maintain the title of greatest film Director in history