#61 – Tombstone 1993

Directed by: George P. Cosmatos & Kevin Jarre

Written by: Kevin Jarre

Starring: Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn, Powers Boothe, Billy Zane, Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Hayden Church, Paula Malcomson, Stephen Lang, Dana Delaney, Robert Mitchum and Charlton Heston.

Set in America in the 1880’s we follow the events proceeding and the fallout of the infamous shootout at the O. K. Corral in the Arizona Town of Tombstone. We follow the Earp family as they move to the town of Tombstone to become wealthy, retire and spend their days away from the office of Sheriff.

What I love about Tombstone

Kurt Russell’s moustache

Sam Elliott!

The tone of the film is perfect

It’s insanely rewatchable, I’ve seen this film at least 4 or 5 times and each time it feels fresh and exciting

Tombstone is without a doubt one of the best and most rewatchable westerns of all time it isn’t your usual paint by numbers film either. From an acting standpoint it’s an incredible ensemble cast that works beautifully together and the chemistry between the Earp brothers is incredible. But with Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton and Sam Elliott portraying them who can be surprised.

Kurt Russell turns in one of his greatest performances as Wyatt Earp. He’s a flawed man, he isn’t the mystical and invincible hero that he is often portrayed as. He has selfish reasons for moving to the town of Tombstone, he wants his family to get rich and live a peaceful life and not be the sheriff, enforcing law and order wherever he goes.

Sam Elliott also shines and gives an inspired portrayal of Virgil Earp. The gravelly voice and Elliott’s appearance is as wild west and authentic as if the casting director went back to the Wild West and got him there in person.

Val Kilmer gives a performance full of quirks, style, charisma and one that is solely unique to this film. Kilmer is Doc Holliday and portrays the dying man with that movie star charisma that can’t be learnt. Holliday is dying from Tuberculosis when we meet him and his condition does not improve. Doc lives each day as if it is his last and it potentially could be.

Doc Holliday

I’m your huckleberry”

One of the greatest and most unusual yet iconic lines uttered in film history.

While most films that revolve around the O. K Corral it is the climactic scene of the film. Where Tombstone differs is that the infamous shootout is almost merely a jumping off point for the charge Wyatt Earp led against the cowboys at the time. The main part of the film is the fight between Wyatt’s group of sheriffs against the cowboys and it is a glorious depiction of the events that occurred.

Tombstone is a western with all the classic Western thropes we’ve all come to love. It is a film with subtlety, depth and fleshed out and fully realised characters.

Tombstone is a must watch for film and western lovers.

2 thoughts on “#61 – Tombstone 1993

  1. Love this movie and glad that you point out that Wyatt Earp is not portrayed as a full-on good guy. I’m interested to see how the Western as a genre evolves as our understanding of American history expands.

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    1. Oh 100% I definitely rewatch the film more because its a more realistic depiction of the man and not just the legend. It will be certainly interesting to see.

      Even since 1993 with Django, 3:10 to yuma and some modern westerns too and through Red dead redemption too to an extent there’s a lot more realism, attention to detail and historical information. Very interesting

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