#60 – We made a Garden – Before & After

It’s pretty simple I moved to a new house in August 2019 and the garden looked a little rough. So one global pandemic later it’s looking improved and ready to act as our beer garden. It started off slowly but when your only allowed to leave your house to go to work and stay within 2km of your home that messy garden gets to be a bigger eye sore more and more each day

One of my favourite things to do is see before and after pictures or video of a project or something getting cleaned. In particular old paintings or people power washing, it’s satisfying pure and simple. So for those people like me I hope you enjoy the work we did.


See what I mean… ROUGH


1/2 way there


Some lights, weedkiller and a little hard work

February 2020

The whole back garden was overgrown and super wild looking and not in a fun kind of way it was definitely more of a there could be snakes and long lost civililazions kind of garden.

It just was not fun to look at or be outside in. Especially the big pile of tree branches right outside the kitchen window.

May 2020

Now, we’re ready for summer and seeing how the Lockdown continues it’s just in time to have our own beer garden for good BBQ’s and music.

Welcome to our Beer garden
Ready for roasting some marshmallows

Of course we added a few little extras to finish everything off. Firepit, Gnome, dinosaur the usual garden stuff

We found this in the wilderness. Added some paint, sea shells and filled it up for the birds
Goldberg – The garden’s resident disco gnome
What garden would be complete without an elephant and a T Rex
Carl the pig & good ol Hank the tiki guy
Charlie approves!

It’s still a work in progress but we’ve made a lot of smores and chicken wings out here in the past week.

I wonder what the next project will be

Oh yeah today’s may the 4th,

May the fourth be with you!

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