#66 – The fixer

Hank drives in his car along the Irish coastline. The waves beat against the shore. Hank drives along listening to Bob Dylan on the radio. He’s a man in his early thirties. A good looking guy, he sparks a cigarette as he looks out onto the coastline.

The sun glistens off of his expensive sunglasses as he speeds along the coast. His Maclaren too glistens in the sunlight. Hank smokes his cigarette and pulls over on the side of the beach. The sun shines along his windscreen. Unlike the usual weather it’s a beautiful day out. Hank walks along the beach and talks to woman he sees walking her dog. They exchange pleasantries and he watches her as she walks away.

Hank gets into his car and continues on his drive. His phone rings and he answers. A woman’s voice is on the line

Hey hun how’s your day going?

It’s all good babe how are you?

I’m great doll, you’ll be glad to hear you’re daughter got an A on her English assignment. She wrote an essay on the Kennedy assassination and had some interesting theories that the teacher loved

A grin breaks out on Hank’s face

I always loved English.

She can’t wait to see you later when you’re home.

Don’t worry I’ll be home in a couple of hours babe

I love you!

Talk to you later sweetheart.

Hank continues his drive. There’s a break in the weather. Rain beats against the windshield of his car as he drives. He slows down. Parks his car near the woods beside a beautiful house.

Hank sits in his car. Turns off the radio. He sits in silence for five minutes.

Hank opens his glove box. He puts on a pair of gloves and stares at his reflection in the mirror. He gets out of his car and walks towards the beautiful countryside home.

Hank walks around the back of the house onto the deck. He looks around and smiles at the garden and water feature. Hank opens the back door and makes his way through the kitchen. He enters the sitting room, he hears a piano playing on the upstairs landing.

He walks up the stairs and sees a man playing the piano. His eyes are closed and he plays Beethoven moonlight sonata. The song echoes through the quiet country manner.

Hank’s makes his way to the piano. He begins to remove something from his suit. A 1911 handgun with silencer then puts it to the back of the man’s head. The man opens his eyes as he hears the gun click back.

BANG! The gunshot echoes through the house. The flash lights up the entire room even with the silencer Hank hears the bullet blow through the back of the man’s head.

Hank’s phone rings

Daddy! When are you coming home I have something to tell you

I’ll be home soon sweetheart, I love you baby.

Hank goes to his car to grab cleaning pruducts. Bleach, disinfectant and a black bag he prepared earlier.

Hank drags the man to the bathroom. He looks at the lifeless body. He sees no life in the mans eyes. He takes a saw out of his bag. It’s clean and new. Never been used and uncertain of its future in disposing of this bloodied corpse. Hank looks into the man’s eyes. The empty stare. The lifeless look into his own eyes.

Hank begins to cut into the man’s right arm. Then the left. The legs and the head for the finale. He places everything into the bag and begins to disinfect the room.

He has chains and weights in his car. This isn’t his first time. He’s grown numb to the remorse. It’s just another pay check for him, another favour in his pocket. He’s sold his soul long ago and the ends justify the means for him. He’s become more powerful a man than he ever aimed to be. He’s sacrificed more than most are willing to.

Hank gets into his car. The man in the boot. Its 8:45pm he needs to get home he needs to see his family. His world waits for him. He lights a cigarette and turns the ignition. Lawyers, Guns and money plays on the radio. He smirks as he drives out of the man’s home.

Hank drives down the quiet country road. He drives towards his family the wind blows through the open window as he smokes his cigarette. He looks in the mirror at his own reflection.

Hank drives home and looks at the road ahead.

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