#67 – Tramore

It’s 8pm on Sunday evening. The weather is calm and it’s nice out. Me and my dog Charlie take a walk and of course he’s excited

It’s his first time on the beach and he loves it

I take him off the lead and he walks along beside me

He sniffs around the sand

Runs to me with a crab leg in his mouth and I’m thinking what the fuck Charles put that down man,

He loves to run through the foam along the water

He looks up at me every few steps with the biggest smile on his face

I’m picking up some rocks to take home and I find a nice spot on the sand and I sit down

The sun is setting and the waves are smoothly coming in closer and closer

The beach is almost empty now,

Me and Charlie sitting there watching the waves

And the surfers

And the sun going down

And the sea air is so fresh

I sat there with my little friend and time stands still, I feel so small watching the sea in front of me

We sat there beside each other

We sat and we watched


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