#65 – I’m making a Documentary

It was in March this year when I had an idea one night to write a script for a mockumentary about a lizard monster lurking in a local forest in Ireland. Who knows where these strange ideas come from but I thought it was a good or at least unusual way to spend my time. I thought it was interesting.

Anyway the idea of making some Mythology for Ireland because it’s always the fucking leprauchaun that’s associated with us here and why not have a lizard humanoid type creature in our woods. Initially though I was thinking ohh Ian do a bigfoot style creature but a lizard man on the loose in Ireland for centuries now that’s something that I couldn’t get out of my mind. I became obsessed with the idea anyway and put all my thoughts down on paper.

I said it to a friend of mine who was as excited as I was and the first night we spoke on the phone and drank whiskey until 4am forming a back story on this creature. My girlfriend was on board and the ideas came flowing from her head, they were in one hundred percent of the way.

Okay Ian

You’ve got your idea

You’ve written a script

You’ve got a camera operator to film it

You’ve got an actor to star across you

I got my camera equipment, sound equipment, props and I was on my way and ready to film. I put the call out to some of my friends for small parts in the film. We shot for days here and there as much as possible. I had some people record their interviews from home because of Lockdown and social distancing but we conquered each challenge in our path.

As I write this I have three more scenes to film and we’ve edited roughly twenty five minutes together. It’s been an interesting and exciting creative experience the past six months. Of course work, illness and Covid 19 got in the way and slowed us down slightly.

When I’ve got the finished product done I’ll upload it to YouTube and see what happens.

It’s really gotten the creative juices flowing,

Maybe another documentary or a short film in the future, it’s all I’m able to focus on these days.

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