#69 – YouTube Ad’s

One of the most annoying things is when a YouTube ad comes along and ruins the flow of what I’m watching. There’s one in ad in particular and it had this is when this dentist kind of shouting at you.

He starts it by saying if you have perfect straight teeth then hit the skip button this isn’t for you.

Oh man the satisfaction I get from skipping that button then gliding my tongue along my front teeth is incredible. A goddamn wave of smugness and euphoria courses through my veins. That’s a weird sales technique isn’t it? just to alienate your potential clients. According to these guys you’re either


Too good for us and take your good teeth and move along



You’ve got a face full of gnarly teeth and oh boy we got the solution for you. Do you hate looking in the mirror well get you head full of teeth down to us and we’ll fix the mess that is your mouth.

YouTube ads in general suck they especially ruin the flow of a podcast and. The podcasts with ad breaks at the start throughout and at the end too just ruins the flow and the sponsors they bust up the flow. That’s why I love the Joe Rogan podcast. Now I know they need ad revenue and it keeps the show going I get it I do I honestly do but its so annoying man. Its always the small things they just wreck the flow of the conversation and stories.

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