#70 – The journey continues

Friday 25th September 2020

I started this blog in early November 2019 and to say a lot has happened since has been an understatement.

I’ve started a new job since then that’s very fulfilling and brings a great deal of satisfaction to me. It’s really made me understand on a different level how stressed and mentally as well as physically exhausted I was this time last year.

There’s been a global pandemic. Lockdown and fear, especially in the early months but we adjust.

My incredible girlfriend has been battling being ill and countless hospital and GP visits yet it never got her down or slowed her support in me.

I wrote a script that we made into a documentary that’s in the final stages of editing and we have a couple of pick up shots to get before that’s out but down worry I’ll link it here when it’s ready to go. The journey of making the documentary was slowed with quarantine and balancing moving parts with my friends all giving me so much support and being willing to act on screen with me. I feel truly blessed by everyone around me.

Last and certainly not least as some of you may know that late in 2019 I met with a lecturer over the MA in media studies here in Limerick and we discussed over a coffee me potentially joining the masters course in 2020 and this Monday the 28th of September I begin that journey.

It’s been an unusual and winding road to get to this point and yeah I’ve got some uncertainties about it all but in the end I hope to be able to create something entertaining and fulfilling.

As to what that is. At this point I’m not sure but I’m up for the challenge and let’s get this thing going!

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