#71 – MA Media Studies – day 1

No nerves about starting really. I got there about twenty minutes early and that’s when the nerves got me and I started to sweat or maybe it was the mask who knows. So I kept my headphones in took a walk outside put on Warren Zevon on, added the band to the que then headed back in.

So we’re waiting all fourteen of us in the main reception area. We all have our masks on and we’re socially distant. I swear it looked like the end of a western were all in our bandit masks anxiously waiting for someone to make the first move. Who’s goanna draw first.

Luckily for us the lectures came in shortly thereafter and the day got going. We each take turns going up to the third floor to our room. After the first two weeks of being locked down from college we should be back but it’s going to be an interesting year that’s for sure.

With modules and options varying from script writing, film and television studies to radio the invisible medium there’s something for everyone and the toughest part is going to be narrowing down the six modules I’m picking. One thing is for DAMN SURE is script writing is going to have me flying through the door next semester. The ideas and questions are quickly building up in my brain

I wasn’t fully sure of what to except because I’m not the kind of person to be a great forward thinker or big picture planning and I fit right in here. They seemed to encourage being open and a blank slate and if there’s one thing I know about myself is I’m a pretty.. pretty.. pretty good blank slate.

Day one done

Very exciting stuff now I just have to see what’s next.

2020’s starting to look up a little,

About time

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