#77 – Sunday 29-11-2020

It’s been a minute since i wrote anything here. i think i will start doing some more regular updates now that i have some free time. last i was here it was all excitement with starting a masters in media studies and releasing a movie i made earlier this year. well i’ve dropped out of the Masters course it wasn’t for me and i don’t know the whole fucking thing seemed like a great idea until i got €3000 in fees in and 7 weeks out of the thing but hey what the fuck huh!?

Tyson V Jones

So that’s it i’m done with college and hey i’ve got more time A LOT more time so why not get back into this blog, hey maybe it’ll be entertaining or therapeutic i dno .. something. i watched the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. exhibition “fight” early this morning and aside from snoop Dogg’s commentary which was fucking priceless and so goddamn entertaining i was disappointed by the whole affair. I’m annoyed Roy Jones was clinching and holding onto Tyson the whole 16 minutes. i think Tyson will be back in the future he looked like he had that chaotic fighting energy still left in him that just needs the right opportunity to be let out. i mean cman Foreman won the title in his 50’s im sure Tyson could maybe do the same. when Snoop Dogg said in the first 30 seconds oh shit its like watching my 2 uncles fighting in the back yard at a BBQ. i would have loved to see Iron Mike back again K.O dudes in the first round but it wasn’t to be. Im optimistic for the future though i mean imagine Iron Mike having a few more fights in him and next time the full 3 minutes per round PLEASE !!

New Music from Jack Keeshan

My buddy Jack has some music out called Jenny that he released yesterday and its fucking beautiful so it is. its a song about domestic violence too and he’s a great guy i’ll link the song here below give it a play and see what you think. the guys got some real talent, reminds me of an Irish Bob Dylan as well as being a gifted artist he’s a great guy and it shows in his body of work.

Lockdown is getting eased up on December 1st which is good i don’t particularly want to see many people but i miss the cinema. the smell of the popcorn the big screen the anticipation of seeing a new film or classic on the big screen it’s like a drug for me i’ve missed it this year. i started watching Deadwood and playing Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360 i guess i’m in a western kind of mood and i am loving it i would highly recommend it. especially the films Tombstone,Unforgiven,3:10 to Yuma, Good the bad and the ugly as well as Appaloosa all great western films. in other news i bought a new car, i fucked up the engine of my last. christmas tree is up, i started Christmas shopping and i’m loving Whiskey and wine these days roll on the silly season i suppose.

anyway that’s me for now i gotta go.

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