#78 – Jenny by Jack Keeshan

Ireland’s answer to Bob Dylan is here again and with a new song called Jenny. My buddy Jack Keeshan released a beautiful work of music yesterday and it’s a song around the topic of domestic violence which is a topic that often goes unanswered. He’s a gifted singer from Roscrea in Tipperary and he’s been killing it for years now it’s great to see him on Spotify and be getting so much love and support especially in this year 2020 we need as much of that as possible. aside from being a brilliant musician i hear he’s a kick ass fighter in Jujutsu or was it MMA either way he’s a well rounded guy.

We need a guy like Jack in these trying times. he’s got a voice and tells a story with his songs which has always stood out to me as the most important thing with a song.

I’m going to link his song on Youtube here below

Jack can be found on Spotify, Facebook & Instagram @Jackkeeshanmusic

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