#90 – 19-01-2021

I got ready to leave work this morning after my night shift, took off the PPE and headed to the shop on my way home for some stuff

In the door and greeted by my dog, the noises and excitement never get old for a second. And now I’ve got 3 days off work so I settle myself in on the couch grab a coffee and throw on YouTube

Some Stephen Colbert and a bit of David Pakman to see what’s happening in the states and they usually have a fun tone and description of things but not as much as the next podcast I put on

Episode 44 of the BILLBERT podcast with the iconic Bill Burr and the hilarious Bert Kreischer. Oh man there’s nothing more fun than a good podcast with a couple of great comedians. Getting an insight into their thought process, ideas and the stories they have too. Forget about it, it’s like catching up with an old buddy.

My life the last 12 months especially has been so many comedian podcasts; 2 bears 1 cave, your moms house podcast anything on ymh actually, WTF with Marc Maron there’s so much to choose from and I’m so thankful they can still do their thing during the pandemic.

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