#91 – 29-01-2021

This is the longest and shortest January I’ve ever experienced. It’s so strange and unusual the past 12 months now.

Things are going well and horrible all simultaneously it feels like. I bought a new ps4 and that’s fun playing red dead redemption 2 and getting a break from everything.

My car dashboard lights up like an airplane or something coming from work last Friday night it’s ridiculous. Then it barely accelerates and goes when I’m driving and I’m thinking c’man how can the car be so fucked I just bought it in November. The thing was fully serviced and everything why the hell can I barely drive. Anyway it’s some engine or transmission shit something to do with a particulate air filter I dno it’s gone for a couple of days so that’s fun. What’s up with VW and trying to cheat or make emissions standards and fuck over us driving the cars. I mean I know where the vw originated but enough already just have the car run well that’s all I ask.

Work is work yano I’m so sick and tired of the full PPE and having to go to work when so many are at home or off work but I’m lucky to be working or so I’m told anyway and I know that I know I am but still gimme a break already.

I am enjoying being able to watch blu ray Dvd’s now on the ps4 and getting into gaming a bit more hey maybe it’ll be a good distraction from everything else going on.

So I’m off the weekend and I wanna get home tonight shower, have a drink watch a movie or something on TV. Over the weekend I predict gaming, dog walking and a takeaway now that’s exciting isn’t it huh. Oh I miss going on holidays, concerts and stand up comedy. 2021 please be a good year to us, the world needs it please.

I did love seeing Gamestop being a fortune 500 company all of a sudden. Its nice to see hedgefund managers getting played at their own game and crying about it. That’s a thing of beauty right there.

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