#100 – Capone (2020) review

Hey! This is my 100th blog post since I started this thing, cool. For a movie that I was so excited to see but couldn’t see until today Tom Hardy’s 2020 take on Al Capone in his final year after he’s had strokes and is dying from syphilis.

To call this film wild, unusual and fucking strange is an understatement. It’s definitely not for everyone and it’s very uniquely a Tom Hardy performance and I loved it!

The many faces of Al Capone in Capone 2020

Capone is a very unconventional film. At times throughout the film it seems over the top and feels like a fever dream for most parts. Tom Hardy really swings for the fences with his performance and he really embodies an ailing Al Capone who’s unrecognisable from the usual tough guy depiction he usually gets.

The acting is incredible and with Linda Cardellini having a lot of heavy lifting as Hardy is often incapacitated and unable to speak with any clarity or semblance of actual words.

Linda Cardellini as Mae Capone & Tom Hardy as Al Capone

There is heavy and intense dream sequences that often show us extended shots of violence and gore that at times become very off-putting. It truly gives a brutal and honest depiction of a person’s mental and physical abilities decline due to dementia, strokes and syphilis.

The film then has wild moments close to the end where Capone goes wild in his dressing gown, wearing a diaper and firing a solid gold plated Tommy gun that comes out of nowhere but yano what I really found it very entertaining.

Overall Capone will most likely become a cult classic film that finds a very loyal and small fan base that really love this film. Give it a try if you’re looking for an unusual and very unique film.

The real Al Capone (left) Tom Hardy’s take on Capone 2020(right)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

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