#99 – Lockdown continues

March 5th 2021

Lockdown continues here in Ireland and I am cracking up. I can’t see my friends I’m barely able to find things to fill my day I’m not keeping up with my friends and everything is seemingly fucked.

What would Bukowski do on 2021 I find myself asking sometimes

Maybe he’d love the isolation and solitude. He might see the dark and fucked up brightside from this whole goddamn pandemic we find ourselves in would he go all the way?

Or what about Warren Zevon how would he be handling this if he wasn’t taken from us too soon. Maybe he’d still be making the sun come up with cigarettes and letting the sun go down with whiskey

It’s a strange time to be living through. If I ever have any children will I tell them about this time were going through? Probably

Maybe they’ll see this someday and know what their old man was going through as a 25 year old going through his quarter life crisis. Just incase they’re reading this say down the line just know I’m trying my best and I love you my beautiful child!

My beautiful girlfriend Eva’s parents got me vinyl records and an lp storage box for my records so I need a record player so I can hear Dylan, Zevon and the stones on vinyl and take it all in and listen to their words of wisdom.

I wonder has Bukowski got any readings on tape too. I’ll have to do some research.

Well it’s getting into the wee small hours of the morning and I’m going to have another Bushmills and see where the night takes me. I hope this pandemic ends soon because I have too much to do and see and I don’t want to waste any time in seeing the world

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