#101 – 16 – 03 – 2021

We’re rocking right through March already aren’t we. It’ll be good when things get back to normal. I went for a walk this morning and it felt good to be out in some nature and surrounded by trees and listening to the birds.

I spent my evening yesterday with my new record player. It was truly incredible to sit down for hours and listen to Bob Dylan and Warren Zevon on Vinyl records. There’s only so much we can actually do these days so fuck it why not do the stuff you love.

Setting up my record player and getting out my vinyl’s was potentially the start of my latest obsession. There is a reason I have over 500 Dvd’s and I did get a great crate for my vinyl’s that can hold 100 so let’s see what happens but I want to get some more it definitely makes listening to music a real activity and the words hit differently I believe.

Aside from that it’s the usual week here from me movies, music, work, my girlfriend, roommate and my dog oh actually we got a new fishtank for Sam and that’s one happy little fish I gotta admit

Next time I’m back writing here hopefully I feel a little more inspired

2 thoughts on “#101 – 16 – 03 – 2021

    1. Thanks Juan! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it bud now get your head down and put out something new it’s been 3 months already lad. Remember if you’re not creating or doing something you’re just waiting

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