#102 – My Q&A Questions to the FlickPick

So it’s Friday morning here in Limerick Ireland and I’ve been woken up at 1.30am. I’m wide awake and want to watch something and can’t get back to sleep.

I’m scrolling on my phone in the dark in bed and I get a notification that the FlickPick is going live for some Q&A on one of his weekly livestreams. So I am ready to ask a couple of questions and hear what’s going on. He always talks movies, TV and all things cinema and pop culture so safe to say that I am a fan of the guy

The first question I asked was simple.

My first question

Honestly I can’t really disagree with what he said subtly goes to DeNiro and maybe Pacino in the 70’s when he was quite in his performances but him and Nicholson are definitely known for their over the top performances.

The next thing I sent was a clarification on the pronunciation of my name. I don’t know if anybody else finds this but people are always butchering my name like this. What ya goanna do.

Quick name pronunciation, he’s doing his best in fairness 😂😂

My next Question was on the epic western and personal favourite of mine 1993’s Tombstone. I’m always up for talking about and hearing thoughts on this film it’s one of the best Western films ever put to screen.

This is too good 😂😂

This was a lot of fun. I would have enjoyed some more discussion around Tombstone but I’ve gotta stay awake later and stay up for stuff like this it was fun. It’s big decision time here for me as its now 3am and I have to get up for work at 7.

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