#106 – 29-03-2021

Here we go again

Monday morning

It’s nice to be in bed and waking at 10

The dog hopped into the bed for some constant attention

Checking my phone

We’re lucky they might give us a 10km range to roam from our front doors

We get to go 5km and they get to go wherever they want it seems

I wonder somewhere is someone living off the grid completely?

Maybe this man has no connection to the world or the Internet.

Maybe this man has no idea how scared and depressed he’s meant to feel. If only we could help this poor guy all alone out there in his paradise

Flick the switch, water boiling and a couple spoons of coffee it’s a good way to start the day with 1 or 2 or these goddamn caffeine laced euphoria.

Drink my coffee, my dog beside me and I’m going back to the discover series on Sky arts. I think I’ll start this morning with Pacino

I think I’ll throw out some things today, I feel surrounded and crowded by all this crap I’ve found around myself. I don’t need it all.

Maybe I’ll just drag myself up the stairs and go back to bed.

I think I’ll try some music and sit outside in the rain maybe

Maybe I’ll run around the block with the dog

I think I’ll try that

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