#105 – Jack Keeshan – Internal Dialogue

Jack Keeshan is an incredibly talented and hard working singer from Roscrea, County Tipperary. Jack has been releasing music for years and he can be found on Spotify, YouTube & Instagram.

Jack’s latest project is a piece called Internal Dialogue where he has his say on this album through song and spoken poetry. Jack doesn’t lean away from topics that are in need of discussion such as depression, abuse, mental health and issues that work at destroying society.

Jack has already began to shine a light on the issue of domestic violence with his single Jenny that he released in late 2020. A song from a guy with a voice and something to say, Jenny really packs an emotional punch as well as being a well crafted piece. Jack’s ability to weave his words into the heart of an issue that needs discussion feels inspired and as the years continue to pass we will see much more incredible projects from this man

Jack’s latest work entitled Internal Dialogue is planned to be released in the later stages of 2021. Having listened to some of the music and poems that make the album up its safe to say that it’s going to be a big year for Jack and his work.

* The talented team *

Jack also has some incredibly talented people working with him on his latest singles and they’ve proved successful in the past. While Jack writes he also has his very talented brother Ciaran Keeshan with him on bass.

There’s James McKelvey with great backing guitar and vocals.

We have the talented Lauren Beth on keys and backing vocals

Then we have Emma Conroy with some additional backing vocals

Conor Fahy in on the piano with Jack for the poetry section

Last but certainly not least there’s Paul Dwyer who Jack works with to record.

Jack has been able to assemble a real unique and talented group of young individuals with a voice and the ability to get his story told across multiple singles and spoken work poetry.

Do yourself a favour and check out some of his earlier stuff, Auburn being one of my own favourites.

Linked below ⬇️ is a great interview with Jack on KCLR96FM. Jack speaks with Martin Bridgeman back in 2019. The 30 min interview below is a great listen for a fan or anybody looking for new talent to get into. Jack talks writing, music videos, singing and where he’s at in his life, it’s a great listen ⬇️

Ceol Anocht: Studio 2 Session : Jack Keeshan – 19/2/2019

Follow Jack on Instagram, Spotify and YouTube link below ⬇️



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