#118 – Try

Try something new

Try to be a better person

Try moonwalking in the kitchen at midnight

Try juggling on top of a pool table

Try writing on the walls

Try staying awake for 3 days

Try to hit the moon with a rock

Try jumping over a river

Try to accept yourself

Try to make those you encounter happier for it

Try shaving half your head

Try living under the moon

Try talk to you dog, maybe today he’ll speak back to me again

Try to do a back flip on a bicycle




Because some days trying is enough

8 thoughts on “#118 – Try

      1. My rock made it phew!….what puzzles me is I aimed for the Sea of Humour and it landed in the Sea of Tranquility…was the moon trying to tell me something? ..an awful lot went into that try Ian……now nursing a weary arm

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