#119 – So BAD it’s GOOD – Batman & Robin 1997

I wanted to start a new category of reviews here and it’s of films that aren’t really good films but they’re so enjoyable and rewatchable. Films that by any standard aren’t well made films but oh they’re often my favourite. Films that are so BAD they’re GOOD!

To start off this list it seems fitting to write about one of my favourites of this genre and that’s Batman and Robin (1997). With a 12% on rotten tomatoes I think it’s going to be perfect for this

What a movie. The films starts off with bad jokes, puns and rubber suits with the biggest, most petruding nipples you’ve ever seen in your life. Why did Joel Schumacher think Batman needed an anatomically correct batsuit? I don’t know but the films weirder and better for.

Batman and Robin follows the titular pair going up against 3 different villains. The first being Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze. The pun master General if ever I saw one. In his first villainous role since the Terminator in 1984 he’s here in a big freeze suit, blasting ice and seriously there’s one ice pun per minute from the guy and it’s one of my favourite things he’s ever done. This movie from a pure how did this happen and get made perspective is hilarious.

We then meet Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. Before she transforms she’s a quiet lab worker who after her transformation wants to take over the world and spread nature everywhere. She is incredible and like Arnie she chews the scenery to perfection. Uma Thurman is already one of the greatest actresses but this is some fun, she seems to be having the time of her life and adds another strange element to the film.

Okay BANE is in this too and he’s just a roided up little dude who becomes a massive stumbling, mumbling idiot who just repeats one word replies he’s an idiot and is just the muscle for Poison Ivy really.

Now the strange thing about this is Mr Freeze wants to save his wife and use a freeze Ray to freeze Gotham and yano the world eventually so naturally he’d be teaming up with the save the world and add green everywhere. The pair have goals that are polar opposite to each other yet the film never addresses this and they just work together. Oh I love this silly movie.

Okay George Clooney as Batman. Not great but it adds to the lunacy if this film so it does work. He’s an okay Bruce Wayne but as Batman you’re not believing it for a second. Even how he says “I’m Batman” isn’t anyway spectacular it’s so casual and monotone, but it is good for a laugh I do have to admit.

Come on how glorious was that πŸ˜‚

The rest of the cast is fine. Chris O Donnell is Robin and he’s pretty good but he’s stuck in a moany, crybaby role where he’s sick of being second fiddle to the Cape crusader himself.

Alicia Silverstone then stars as Batgirl and somehow she manages to stand out as one of the worst and most useless characters in the film. And of course she couldn’t just be a random character or I don’t know Commissioner Gordon’s daughter like she always has been. Nope not here she’s Alfred’s niece or some shit for I don’t know why honestly. The film is so bloated and full of characters and it’s just a mess of neon lights, puns and nipples and bat ASS for as far as the eye can see.

Overall the story doesn’t even really matter if you want to see what the 1960’s Adam West Batman would be like all hopped up on neon lights and in the 1990’s. If that’s something you might be interested in then you’ve found your film.

7 thoughts on “#119 – So BAD it’s GOOD – Batman & Robin 1997

    1. Wow! That’s really incredible to hear. Thank you so much for your extremely kind words! Hearing something like that is amazing. Thank you so much πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


  1. I am absolutely in love with your work. Your blogs inspired me to venture deep into the vast prairies of movie blogs. Now it feels like I am writing about something that I absolutely love. Thank you for your service and inspiration, brother.

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