#128 – Curb your enthusiasm (2000 – present)

Created by: Larry David

Starring: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Cheryl Hines, Jb Smoove, Richard Lewis, Bob Einstein & Ted Danson

Curb your enthusiasm and Larry David really are the gift that keeps on giving!

Curb your enthusiasm follows Larry David the creator of Seinfeld in this version of himself he’s a man with his own set of ideals and thoughts on how the world should work. Larry is he grumpy? Yes. Is he always saying and doing the wrong thing? Well yeah he does that too. Is Larry David a gift to the human race and curb a series that has lasted for over 20 years while being as relevant now than ever!

We follow Larry through his day to day life. The situations he finds himself in are always hilarious, original and have the style of comedy only Larry David can deliver.

Curb your enthusiasm is almost completely improvised also which make the show feel authentic and often more funny than something that was rehearsed and scripted. The calibre of improvisation on display in Curb is unparalleled.

What the show does so well is use its cast so incredibly well. The recurring characters like Cheryl, Larry’s wife on the show. Jeff Greene his agent, Susie Jeff’s wife, Richard Lewis, Mary Funkhauser and Leon Black are all in several episodes and the chemistry and hilarity that ensues is the best.

Jeff Greene and Larry David causally not ruining a birthday party

Larry and his agent Jeff Greene are absolutely electric together. The pair improvise and so naturally bounce off each other it’s really genius stuff to watch.

Many times I’ve heard that they’ll be starting a scene or sitting in a restaurant with absolutely zero idea of where they want the scene to go and they just roll with it.

After watching Curb for the last 10 seasons I gotta admit it’s “pretty pretty pretty good “

The show has been running for 21 years already and shows no real sign of slowing down. They’re still filming for season 11 right now as I type here today. With great cameos from the cast of Seinfeld to Jon Hamm, Sean Penn, Jonah Hill, Mel Brooks, David Schwimmer, Ben stiller and on and on and on this list goes. They use the cameos on curb exceptionally well and serves the story and comedic scenes.

There’s no other person like Larry David. His wholely original and unique outlook on the world is comedy gold. He speaks up for what we would like to in the real world. He defends the working man the limo drivers of the world. My god after all if he doesn’t we are no better than the animals in the field. Larry David has given us fans of the show a lexicon of terms and vocabulary to use in our day to day life. The Schmohawks are awful drivers, the cut and talk to skip the queue to people just having surreal “Larry David moments” in their real life.

Not only has curb your enthusiasm given us one of the great show intros and outros with the now infamous and meme friendly song. It’s as well known from Curb now as it is from memes that have taken the Internet and YouTube by storm in recent years.

Take a listen to the theme song here and tell me you don’t love it come on!

Larry and Leon Black. This is one of the most unique and unusual relationships in any show. The pair meet after Larry and Cheryl agree. We’ll Cheryl agrees and Larry begrudgingly follows to bring in a family made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. The family move in and their cousin Leon who lives in LA decides to try out the good life and moves in. He moves in and just never really leaves and their dynamic is always fresh, entertaining and hilarious.

Whether they’re talking sex, black vs white style and attitudes or setting up an app that allows people without access to toilets a way to go. They’re never boring that’s for sure.

Curb your enthusiasm will entertain and make you think too. Making you think about the subtle things in life. Larry David is an equal opportunity offender so he takes swings at anyone and everyone. Honestly it’s one of the greatest comedy series of all time. I highly recommend entering the world of the one and only Larry David

Curb often leaves in the genuine laughter of the actors. This little thing they do gives the scene a realness and make the scenes funnier. How often did Chandler bing on friends crack an absolute banger of a joke only for the scene to carry on as if it was nothing. The biggest offender of this often is Larry David himself, the man’s always cracking up and laughing as loud as he wants and we just laugh and laugh with him.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10 /10

8 thoughts on “#128 – Curb your enthusiasm (2000 – present)

  1. Seinfeld was amazing in it’s own way especially it’s cast (Jerry Seinfeld, Julia louis Dreyfus who takes up the mantle of Valentina in MCU) and Witty quips. It was so relevant and one hell of an experience. I didn’t really get a chance to keep pace with this series (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

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  2. I have never seen or heard of Curb before. Hearing the theme told me exactly what i would be in for. Why? Is it the same sort of theme ingredients used for other similar type shows? Or is it me just wanting to think that? Don’t know…..

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    1. It’s one that’s definitely worth your time. The way he gets so angry and the situations and conversations being had are nothing short of preposterous and hilarious too. Trust me you won’t regret watching this show

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