#138 – The curse of the phone speaker in public

There’s a certain kind of person out there. A person with no regard for manners. No interest in any realm of respect and decency for their fellow man. An individual with no shame and no understanding of right and wrong and that’s the guy you see chatting on his phone with the speaker on just loudly chatting away into his phone. Just ripping up and urinating on the social contract we all should be following.

Can I just say that this is incredibly wrong for so many reasons. I’ve been seeing these guys more than I’d care to admit. I’ve also been seeing the guy you know that guy he’s on a bicycle or a scooter or some shit, usually in a Superdry jacket or matching Adidas tracksuit with a Bluetooth speaker blaring the loudest and dumbest song you’ve ever heard in all your life. Why is it always some bullshit club music. What the fuck is that I mean it’s gotta be noise pollution or something I don’t know.

Why is it so loud too, that gets me and the fact that the songs are rarely even good. It’d be one thing if these guys took requests maybe ya scream out hey Werewolves of London bud c’man! They don’t listen, they just don’t give a shit. Now playing music like that in a park or something like that yeah that’s okay I can get along with that. But it’s the guy that goes down the street and in the shops that kills me. I can’t really.

Yeah the phone speaker guy back to him. This is a person who has no respect for those around him or even the person he’s on the phone to. How good can the quality of a phonecall like that be with cars whizzing past your head, dogs barking, cats fighting, cars honking, people talking, jackhammers tearing up tarmac and you’re out of breath,walking along without a goddamn care in the world. I’ve gotten these phonecalls and I’m always a split second away from saying no no no the level of disrespect here is preposterous. Then and only then I’m hanging up once I realise what kind of phone call I’m after getting dragged into.

I’ll also see these guys in shops, banks, busy streets or the guy with the phone speaker connected to his radio. This son of a bitch usually in an Audi, not an inditement of Audi drivers but just a simple observation. These guys crank up the phone and the radio too just so loud they’ve turned the street into a conference call between them, their friend and every pedestrian without headphones in.

These specimens of pure and utter chaos in the world just baffle me. They can’t be too busy and I reject that excuse anyway. I’m on the go I was out for a walk and thought I’d chat, now this one boggles my mind. You’ve made me an afterthought now. Oh I was doing something and wanted to do another thing to pass the time so I called you. Why not sit down somewhere and talk to me if you want.

This is something to always be on the watch out for because sometimes it sneaks into a phonecall. Sometimes you’ll be talking away things are all good all good but then all of a sudden they put you on loudspeaker and start folding clothes, cooking food, reshingling the roof, change a tyre on the car, paint the house or try to cut the dogs hair for the first time while you’re there with them. The sneaky loudspeaker call is one of the worst of all, you’re relaxed in the conversation and then BOOM.

It’s great that technology has advanced to the stage where I can call a guy in New Zealand from Greenland if I wanted.

What we need to rapidly catch up on is the way we use these items. Come on people we’re better than this or we can be at least.

You may notice these people and aside from hanging up on them or taking the phone off them and ending the call for them we just have to be persistent people. Most importantly of all don’t be one of those people just don’t. We deserve a better society than that don’t you agree.

3 thoughts on “#138 – The curse of the phone speaker in public

  1. I truly believe we must establish some technical ethics and etiquettes when it comes to our technology behavioural pattern in public. Something, which eats me and troubles me at an unbearable strain is the social trolls something I don’t know why people think is cool (and that’s just a feeling relegated to the perpetrator himself). Basically there would be some guy with not so great communication skills harrassing you and putting up a brazen display of their puny intellectual hemisphere. And that’s something I have been dodging since I was 13 something. Similarly, the loud shits out their never respect people’s boundaries. They never look concerned about the mayhem they are actually causing. That’s just my thought sir.

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