#141 – What would you do if you gave away €1’000’000

I wonder if the person who sells someone a €1’000’000 lottery ticket has the constant thought that hey I just handed someone a million. I had a million euro in my hands and had no clue.

I just saw an article about a million euro lottery ticket that got sold in Easons on the Crescent shopping centre. Right around the corner from me sure and all I could think is how I would focus on and be obsessed with the fact that if I was the cashier who sold the ticket I’d be beside myself. I’d be wrapped in grief over handing someone €1 million for €2.

That would just be stuck in my mind all the time I don’t know. What the hell am I even writing about here honestly I’m not even certain but maybe it’s the life changing amount of money it is and not knowing it was nearly yours that would just stick in my brain. Right behind my eye that’s where I’d feel the sting, that’s usually where that kind of thought and regret ends up. It’s just waiting to seep out and break free. Hey who knows maybe I’d be fine with it but honestly I don’t think so I’d be thinking Ian this was your chance to have some money for the first time in your life. I’m only 25 but sometimes it feels like it’s been a long 25 years and I just chronologically am that age but really I’m about 38, you know not old but just old enough.

I really think that I could just spend the money better than the person who won it.

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