#140 – Bob Dylan unstoppable at 80

Today the greatest singer/songwriter and poet of all time turns 80 years old. It was the experience of a lifetime to see him on stage with Neil Young in Kilkenny in the summer of 2019.

For the past 60 years Bob Dylan has been at the forefront of the music industry. More than a singer though he’s an activist, he’s anti establishment and a rebellious one of a kind talent that we will never see again. Bob Dylan has transcended music, his words have poignancy to them that resonate now more than ever. I still get goosebumps when I hear his music. I listen to simple twist of fate, like a rolling stone, the Hurricane, Forever young and subterranean homesick blues to name a few and I feel inspired. What Dylan does better than anybody is tell a story with his own weird and unique way only he can do.

In 2016 Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature, the first musician to be awarded such a prestigious honour. He’s just released a new album this year which features his longest song to date about the assassination of JFK over 16 minutes long. Dylan hasn’t lost a step throughout his elustrious career that has no end in sight. He’s been on tour since 1988 on the never ending tour.

When I listen to his music there’s such a raw and unpolished feel to it while each word also seems poured over with thought and analysis. There is no other like Bob Dylan and we may never see his kind again. I’m just feeling lucky we’ve had him at all.

6 thoughts on “#140 – Bob Dylan unstoppable at 80

  1. I saw him once, in 1991 (careful…dating myself here!). He was fucking awful. The songs were unrecognizable, he was lethargic, seemed to forget what he was doing, and he seemed to not want to be there at all. It was just sad. I love Bob. I should have chosen Cohen instead!

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    1. Yeah there was people telling me that before I went and even there I remember one woman shouted at the stage at Bob to “sing it like you mean it”. Some of the songs were a little unrecognisable but honestly I just felt lucky to be able to watch him sing up there on stage.

      He also had Neil Young open for him that night, I’d definitely love to see him again

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      1. I bet Neil was great! It sounds like you got a better show than I did. It was cool just to be in the same room as him, but literally not one song was recognizable! Sometimes you could catch a lyric and work out what he was singing, but it was really bad. Between that and the Dylan and the Dead album I had just purchased I went through a period of being unhappy with Bob. Can’t stay at at him though!

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