#155 – A slight light at the end of the tunnel looks bright

Finally, a full weekend off work,

110 days I waited to find out about my plague jab but they finally got around to ol Ian of the Kiely’s.

I’ll get it at 8:20am on Monday morning the 21st of June 2021,but first I’ll spend a weekend with my girlfriend. That’s what I’m looking forward to right now, that’s what I need.

Friday evening I got some of the last 2 tickets seemingly in the entire fucking city to see the conjuring 3. If it’s like the others it’ll be good but either way as long as we have the great Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga then we’re in safe hands. So cinema for only the second time this year. That’s not a lot for me, I miss my movie theatre home.

I want to go out for drinks and talk shit with my friends until we hear the birds chirping outside.

I want to walk home at 3am, singing and talking our way home. I want to get some food with my friends and travel again but right now I’ll settle for a few outdoors in the sun.

I want to be hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel is bright enough to help us heal and recover.

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